• Double way switch
  • Strong structure,made of zinc metal alloy and plastics
  • Small size,water and oil resistant
  • Double spring inner switch,longer machine life
  • Bigger ot action
  • Easy to contact line
  • Many kinds of leading-to-move maching,easily use

Rated Number


Action Frequency Mechanically: 120 times/ minute; Electrically: 30 times/ minute
Ambient Temperature Function:-5 to +65℃
Bearing Voltage Non-Contact end: 1000VAC, 50/60Hz for 1minute; Current parts and non-current parts: 1500VAC, 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Contact Resistance 25mΩ (Initial)
Hitting Machine: 1000m/ sec² (about 100G'S) Action: 300m/ sec² (about 30G'S)
Humidity Above 95% RH
Insulation Resistance Above 100mΩ (Below 500VDC)
Operation Speed 0.5mm to 50cm/ sec
Protect Level IEC Specification: IP65
Serve Life Mechanically:10,000,000 times above Electrically:500,000 times above
Vibration (10 to 55 Hz): 1.5mm pairs swing
Weight about 0.16kg
Movement Differential -
Operating Position -
Operation Force OF (MAX): 150g
Over Travel -
Pre-travel PT(Min): 30mm
Release Force -

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