Key selector switch with direct open operation function Pin tumbler design for high security.

Workers can be limited by using key selector switch to switch modes when performing maintenance and program overwrites. Additionally, since the NC contact (b-contact) use direct open operation, the circuit will be reliably shut off by forcibly separating the NC contact, even if they have melted together.

1.2 USES

Hazards of the system and robot are isolated by the safety guard. When a worker needs to work inside the hazardous area for maintenance, the worker unlocks the safety guard using a key, disables the system from starting (1), removes the key and brings it into the hazardous area, and then changes the operation mode of each system to maintenance mode (2). While the worker is carrying out maintenance work in the hazardous area, the safety guard cannot be locked and the system cannot be turned on. This enables the worker to work safely in the hazardous area.


No. of Position90° 2-Position

1NO (10)

1NC (01)

Model Code 



  • Key can be remove out at anyway
  • can be mixed with other selector switches series's
  • Each model must be ordered at least in 10 units
  • When the total purchase volume of mixed's model reach 500 units or more, according to the proportion of individual models to get condition of buy 10 get 2 free.
  • Key withdrawal at any position

Mechanical Life 250, 000 (Single Contact)
Operating Temperature -20 ~ + 55°C
Operating Humidity 48 ~ 85%
Store Temperature -45 ~ +85°C
Store Humidity Below 95% RH
Insulation Resistance Over 100M (500V DC Megger)
Electrical Life 100, 000 (Single Contact Point); 50, 000 (Double Contact Point)
Pcs/ Packing 5Pcs/ Packing
Weight Per Packing (g) 0.34KG/ 340g
Weight Per Pc (g) 0.06KG/ 60g
Degree of Protection
In Front Panel IP 65 (IEC 60529)
Terminal IP 20 (IEC 60529)
Dielectric Strength
Contact Block 2500 VAC/ Minutes
Indicator Light 2000 VAC/ Minutes
Vibration Resistance
Mal-Operation 5~55Hz single amplitude 0.5mm
Durability 30Hz single amplitude 1.5mm
Shock Resistance
Mal-Operation 100m/s²
Durability 1,000m/s²

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Ø22/25mm Key-operated Switches. 90° 2-Position

  • Brand: HOKOMO
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