• Ø22/25mm Selector Switches, 90° 2-Position


Selector switches are available in 2, 3, or 4-position versions, and are often used when more than one control option is needed. In general, the centre position of the selector switch is the starting cam position. Left position presses the left plunger in the selector switch. Turning the selector switch to the right presses down the right plunger. Bright LED illumination is clearly visible in daytime scenarios that feature strong sunlight as well as other low-light conditions. The easily identifiable switch positions also enable safe and intuitive operation.

1.2 USES

Indicating lights tell us what the machine is do or failing to do. When a light is connected to a machine process, and the light is on, the machine shows that it's working. These actuators are available in round or square shapes and with raised or flush designs. They also offer the option of a short or long lever. Optional illumination in red, green, blue, yellow or white is offered, and all colour variants are available with operating voltages of 24VDC to 240VAC.

Operating Voltage
Current Consumption
6V             AC/DC
10mA (A,R,Y), 7mA   (G,PW,S)
12V           AC/DC
14mA (A,R,Y), 13mA (G,PW,S)
24V           AC/DC
14mA (A,R,Y), 13mA (G,PW,S)
110V         AC/DC
230/240V  AC/DC


No. of Position90° 2-Position

Spring Return

From Right To Center


1NO (10)

1NC (01)

Model Code

Maintained - KW1S-2E10 (1NO)

                      - KW1S-2E01 (1NC)

Spring Return

From Right To Center    - KW1S-21E10 (1NO)

                                          - KW1S-21E01 (1NC)

ColourWhite Level Knob

  • Can be mixed with other selector switches series's
  • Each model must be ordered at least in 10 units
  • When the total purchase volume of mixed's model reach 500 units or more
  • Accordance to the proportion of individual models to get condition of buy 10 get 2 free
  • 2 Position body maximum 3 contact blocks
  • 3 Position body maximum 2 contact blocks  
Operating Temperature (AB/AG) -20~+55°c
Operating Humidity 45~85%
Store Temperature -45~+85°c
Store Humidity Below 95%RH
Electrical Life 100,000 (Single Contact Point) , 50,000 (Double Contact Point)
Pcs/ Packing 5Pcs/ Packing
Weight Per Packing (g) 0.18KG/ 180g
Weight Per Pc (g) 0.03KG/ 30g
Degree of Protection
In Front Panel IP65(IEC 60529)
Terminal IP20(IEC60529)
Dielectric Strength
Contact Block 2,500VAC/Minutes
Indicator Light 2,000VAC/Minutes
Vibration Resistance
Mal-Operation 5~55Hz single amplitude 0.5mm
Durability 30Hz single amplitude 1.5mm
Shock Resistance
Mal-Operation 100m/s²
Durability 1,000m/s²
Mechanical Life
Momentary 5,000,000 (single) , 1,000,000 (Double)
Maintained 250,000 (Single) , 100,000 (Double)

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Ø22/25mm Selector Switches, 90° 2-Position

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